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The backing layer is designed to protect the adhesive layer from damaging, which might cause residue or adhesion losing. While film release liners are great since once you get them started they can be removed very quickly from a roll of tape without the possibility of the liner ripping like a paper release liner may at times do (that's why to cover large areas like a convention center floor the tape needs to come on a film release liner); nonetheless they can sometimes be hard to get started.


The easiest way to remove a release liner is to unwind a section of the tape from the roll and apply that section of tape to the first surface you are bonding to and then let the adhesive set before you try and remove the liner. However, if you need to remove the release liner before the adhesive has set on the first surface here are some tips or guidelines to follow:


1.       Unwind a short length of tape from the roll.

2.       Bend a small amount (1/8 to 1/4 inch from the corner) of one of the corners back towards the liner side (so the liner is touching liner) - this will cause the film liner to stretch more than the backing on the tape which will typically result in the liner overhanging the tape by a little bit.

3.       Then try to drag the tape away from the liner with your thumbnail while using another fingernail to squeeze or pinch the liner in place.

4.       Once you get enough of the liner removed you will have something to hold on to in order to start pulling the release liner away from the tape.


If you have trouble removing the liner with your fingernails you can also try a pair of tweezers, razor blade or utility knife to help separate the release liner from the tape. Always cut longer for tape than objects in order to hold during your application and cut away the excess after your application is done. Fingerprints and sweating is softening the adhesive layer a lot and cut the tape with fingerprints away will help a lot eventually on the mounting performance. Do not hang or hold heavy stuffs without leaving curing time to the adhesive, which might take a few hours or a day, have something to press the objects and lift it up with natural force during the curing time..


If you have any further questions, simply send us a message and we are always here to provide technical supports.