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LLP Incorporation was founded in 2014; ISO certified in 2017, a manufacturer with unsurpassed quality control to all items before leaving our factory and specialized in producing in all kind of industrial tapes such as VHB double sided mounting tapes in Acrylic, PET, Fabric, Cloth, Fiberglass and Nano carrier materials, 2 sided carpet & rug tapes, foil tapes in aluminum and copper, self fusing silicone tapes, caulking tapes, weather stripping, duct tapes, gaffer tapes, foam tapes, masking tapes, RV Awning repair tapes, butyl seal tapes, hook & loop tape and so on. We provide OEM services with private labels all over the world and also sell online with brand LLPT.

As a company who has 100% satisfaction rating on Amazon, we assure to all of our clients once you make a purchase from LLP Inc. online stores or OEM services, you would not be allowed to walk away unsatisfied and any purchase from LLP Inc. are protected with a guarantee of hassle free money back in the event that the product does not meet your desire, the performance of our product is not outstanding or you think you are not getting the worth of what you have paid for. We devote our time and effort to making sure that our clients’ preferences & expectation are met.

Our Clients

We listen to our clients time to time and improve our products everyday per clients’ feedbacks, including workmanship, material, treatment, package, size, color and so on in order to provide a product, which really meet a client’s demand for actual use. Your feedback is very valuable to us for our further improvements.

Our Employees

We promote the attitude that puts the needs of Quality first. We encourage the capabilities and personal development of our employees through recognition of their performance.

Our Management

We are always available round the clock to provide timely customer support at the shortest time and our CEO usually spends 2 hours 6 days a week with our managers together reading out our clients’ feedbacks and emails in order to allow our management to know firsthand the key areas where we can improve in order to provide a better product to our clients.

Our Product

We provide ODM & OEM services to all of our clients; if you need something in a different specification, you can always contact us to quote you specially for what you need.

Our Society

We take our social responsibilities for material safety & environment protection seriously. The long-term protection of people and environment is an integral part of our activities.

As a seller and manufacturer, it’s our obligation to ensure you have an enjoyable shopping experience and a good customer services with LLP International Group. If our customer services team does not provide prompt customer support or their service is making you unhappy, you can always write an email at info@llptapes.com, attention to LLP Management Team and our management will handle your case as urgency to ensure everything will be corrected for you.

How about LLPT Tapes? Are LLPT Tapes any good?

Many clients had this kind of questions in head at the first time when they saw LLPT tapes; LLPT is not a famous brand in the market, but we are a professional factory who is controlling the formula of adhesive and developing our own carrier material of adhesive to achieve the desires from clients. To listen to our clients' voice is our Daily Task, this is making us better on the quality and utilities of products. The formula of LLPT adhesive is close to 3M and we are running thousands of tests to achieve better performance on different projects. We would highly recommand you to take small sample and run your own test or you can let us know your application, we will customize the adhesive for you and then you can choose to trust LLPT or not. LLPT is not the best, but we never stop fighting to be the best and we are keeping our pace to learn our competitor and get close enough with the most competitive prices.