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Q: Why isn't there a unit price on your website?

A: This is LLPT official site and if you are an individual buyer, you can always buy our product on Amazon with Prime offer.


Q: I need large volume, can I resell your products?

A: Send us your enquiries with quantity and size you need to our customer at: info@llptapes.com; we will offer you per your request.


Q: Why can’t I find your products in Europe?

A: Please stay with us and we will launch to Europe market on Amazon in a short period of time.


Q: Why are your products cheaper than others? Can I trust your products?

A: We are a manufacturer, not like other reseller at middle and our concept is to offer products from manufacturer to individual customers directly. LLP is an ISO certified manufacturer and we follow exactly the quality control per ISO procedures; environment protection is our obligation that most of our products are ROHS certified as well.


Q: Do your products have warranty?

A: All our products have a lifetime warranty.


Q: I received a damaged/wrong/excess item. What do I do?

A: Since we are under Amazon's fulfillment, they are responsible for the logistics and handling of our products. It is best to contact Amazon's customer support hotline for this issue.


Q: What courier do you use to send your items?

A: As Amazon handles the shipping and delivery of our products, they are also the one who chooses the couriers. They mostly use their in-house courier, UPS, USPS, FedEx, Ontrac, and other couriers depending on the availability and the customer's location.


Q: How much is the shipping fee?

A: The shipping costs will depend on the shipping speed that you will be choosing. It is also based on the size and weight of the item/s. You may see the total delivery charge on the check out page before making your payment.


Q: Will this work for everyone ?

A: Thank you very much for asking; unfortunately, no product can meet everyone's need, but we would love to do better with your feedback and we never stop improving our products.


Q: Can safely I use this on painted dry wall?

A: This tape can be used on dry wall, however, when you need to remove it, the painting may come off from wall a little bit. Our tape is the heavy duty mounting tape extreme for outdoor and indoor, which is same material and glue tape as 3M, Scotch, Xfasten and Gorilla clear Acrylic tape.


Q: How do you remove this tape? I will be using it to stick a flashing light to a fiberglass top of a golf cart. Can I just peel it off?

A: It just peeled off; a bit sticky in the end, but it came off neatly. No need to use any type of remover.


Q: Will this stick to cold window glass?

A: Yes, it works to cold window glass.


Q: What is the maximum order quantity (MOQ) per transaction?

A: There is no maximum order quantity unless Amazon limits the maximum quantity per order on all of the products on their platform.


Q: Is there a minimum amount/number of items per transaction?

A: There is no minimum order quantity, may it be a single roll of carpet tape or a whole bundle of transparent tapes, we will fulfill your order at your desired shipment schedule.


Q: Can I use your product outside with the rain and weather condition?

A: Yes, you can use outside or inside, mostly our product is waterproof and weatherproof.


Q: Will this work for mounting unframed paper art work? will the adhesive bleed into the paper?

A: This adhesive will work for unframed paper art work without bleeding into the paper.


Q: Can this used to stick a decorative wooden numbers to fabric?

A: There are 2 situation that you might need to consider; if the fabric is hanging there, not moving around, the answer is yes and if the fabric needs to be moving around, like wearing it, we do not recommend use any type of tape because eventually, it will be fallen off and we do recommend using the permanent liquid glue.


Q: How easy is it to be removed?

A: It is easy to remove Pending on temperature. In the cold it can be a little difficult, but it leaves no residue whatsoever.


Q: Will this secure a bath mat to a fiberglass shower floor?

A: It will, but keep the mat dry for at least 12 hours and during your application, make sure the floor is dry and clean.


Q: I read a lot of product review and it supposed to be a good product, but why does not work for me?

A: The application process is very important with 24-48 hours curing time. Read SUPPORTS for how to apply the tape properly.


Q: How can I peel off the red backing film easier?

A: Use a knife to cut a open on the red backing film or pinch and stretch a corner of the adhesive until the backing liner lifts from the tape for easier liner removal; check the procedure for peel off the backing layer at SUPPORTS.

Q: What is "LLPT" standing for?
A: There are 2 parts of meaning for LLP - T; LLP is founded by 3 person and it's their surname and T means Tape.