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Double Sided Black Mounting Tape (BA150)

Double Sided Black Mounting Tape (BA150)

Product Description
  • CONSTRUCTION: Avoid FINGERPRINTS on TAPE for STRONG HOLDING. Very high bonding industrial grade mounting tape that is rated to hold 8-22 pounds of mass weight per square inch with double-sided adhesion; weather-proof adhesive empowers home and enterprise owner to have tight bonding; wall safe adhesive enables apartment renters, students, homeowners, teachers and office workers to temporarily post various objects on walls.
  • EASY REMOVAL AND RESIDUE-FREE: The adhesive is extremely strong but is still easy to remove, cut and peel by hand. We have tried and tested it in various materials like glass, concrete, tile, marble and hardwood floors to ensure that it is indeed residue/mess free and it will not cause damage if ever it is removed after a long time.
  • APPLICATION: Strong bonding strength that can withstand moderate to heavy strength and it is safe for glass, metal, concrete, marble, tiles, bricks, trims, moldings, automotive, car registration plates, name plates, address plaques, signs, emblem, car holders, tile, big glass/aluminum/plastic installation, refitting vehicle for body kit/front bumper/rear bumper/side skirt, big home appliance panel repair, mosquito/bug screen, metal mailbox, mirrors, hangers and so on.
  • INSTALLATION: This tape is pressure sensitive and it holds better if you can press the objects as long as you can after the application. The longer time applied the stronger the tape will be molding into surfaces of objects, 12-24 hours curing time is needed. The backing film might be difficult to remove if you do not have nails, but it will help greatly by using a knife to cut an open on backing and then peel off the protective film.
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