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Availability of LLPT black aluminum foil tape on Oct 18 2019!!!
Source: Amazon US | Author:LLP Inc | Published time: 2019-10-05 | 1299 Views | Share:
LLPT just launched the newest generation of black aluminum foil tape and it will be ready on Amazon on Oct 18 2019.


LLPT black aluminum foil tape is an industrial grade, efficient thermal conduction for HVAC systems, AC units, heaters, vents, metal finishing, electronics, automotive, aerospace, recreational vehicle, construction, industrial/home air duct, kitchen masking to avoid oil in gap, sealing, seaming, heat shielding, harness wrapping, joining, vibration damping, electroplating, plastic protection, chemical milling, paint stripping and so on.

LLPT aluminum foil tape is highly rated by many users, https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07P9J3QQD; check what users are talking about on LLPT aluminum foil tape:

"Buy this stuff for your HVAC or DIY needs. I wasted money going to Lowe's buying a roll of this type of metal foil tape...too thin and a PITA to get the paper backing off. This LLPT tape is industrial strength and thick. The paper backing comes off better, but not perfect. There is foil tape out there with no paper backing to deal with (and I have used some)...but, slightly less thick. So, again, buying this LLPT metal foil tape is prob the best option."

"So if you have an HVAC unit that was built back when they threw up high end housing in mass and sold at peak prices, or if you had any settling or misalignment over time, or gap never properly sealed, this stuff is perfect. It is easy to cut, peal the backing, and place. I do not know if closing up some gaps and spaces will do anything noticeable, but this stuff is very easy to work with, and it can not hurt."

"We live on our sailboat and always keep this stuff in our 'supplies' kit in case the overhead hatches spring a leak. This happened over our galley and we were busy sailing the boat and didn't want to stop somewhere and rebed the hatch. We used this stuff and covered the entire edge of the hatch. This quick fix lasted for two years! Actually it was still going strong, in spite of being in full UV sunshine (in Mexico) when we pulled it off to finally get to that hatch. Great stuff."

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